Paraxis 04 is now online


Paraxis 04: Mirrors, Windows, Walls

Reflections and distortions, vistas and visions, occlusions and enclosures. Paraxis 04 features new short stories from Alison Moore, Dan Powell, Emma Seaman, Lorrie Hartshorn, Stuart Snelson and Emily Cleaver, artwork from and an interview with Nicole Reneé Pantano, and story art from Beth Ward, Kirsty Greenwood, Louise Dean, Myriam Frey and Graham Dean.

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Paraxis 03 is now online

Paraxis 03: Transformation

Transformation has hooked storytellers and writers, listeners and readers across the ages. In her book Fantastic Metamorphoses, Other Worlds, Marina Warner discusses the many roles of metamorphosis in literature and art, ‘as divine fantasy, as vital principle of nature, as punishment, as reprieve, as miracle, as cultural dynamic, as effect of historical meetings and clashes, as the difference that lures, as the lost idyll, as time out of time, as a producer of stories and meanings.’

The possibility of other lives draws us to fiction, and the fantastic possibilities of tales of transformation allow our imaginations to inhabit the impossible. Paraxis 03 brings you short stories, artwork and essays that explore what it means to be transformed.

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Paraxis 02 is now online

…delve into The Library

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Call for submissions for Paraxis 02

We are currently looking for very short pieces of writing on the theme of libraries. These could be memories, descriptions, fragments of story, reflections, micro-fiction or anything else you can come up with. You can submit these in the body of an email or as a word document, or you could get creative and handwrite the piece on a postcard or elsewhere, scan it or photograph it and send it to us as a jpeg. We are also looking for doodles, illustrations and photographs relating to the theme and we would be particularly excited by work that incorporates both text and image.

Send us what you’ve got to and put ‘Paraxis Library Wall’ in the email subject line. We’re hoping to use as much of what we get sent as possible in an online collage which will be published as part of Paraxis 02.

Maximum word count: 250 words
Deadline: 31st July 2011

We’re also looking for longer stories on the theme of transformation for Paraxis 03. More details here.

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Paraxis 01 is now online

… featuring an eclectic mix of short stories on the theme of power from some writers you’ll know and some you won’t, lots of fantastic artwork and an introduction we feel very privileged to have from a literary hero of ours. Please visit, enjoy and consider making a donation to our nominated charity whilst you’re there.

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Coming soon

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